Operational GIS

The Power of Advanced Data Analytics in a Single Platform

Industrial activities relate in different ways to their geographical environment. How can I monitor and evaluate this interaction?

At Atisoft® we help the operation to achieve this task with the ability to analyze operational data in its geographic information system. We design high-volume data geoprocesses to gain insights into spatial patterns, weather trends, and anomalies. For example:


operational GIS - Electricidad

An operations supervisor at an electric utility that has meter reading data can detect the electrical zones and times when demand increases, allowing decisions to be made about the distribution of demand. Or, learn about power outages and report them to field personnel nearby at the time of the power outage.

operational GIS - control transito

If you’re a city manager, you probably want to monitor public transportation in real time or integrate speed analysis sensors that allow you to detect areas where vehicles exceed the speed limit and make the decision of where and when to deploy personnel capable of supervising vehicular traffic.

operational GIS - Auditoria

If the activity carried out by your company must be subject to legal regulations that involve the assessment of environmental impact and risk, regulations, etc.

operational GIS - Ciudad Mundo

As an analyst, you can identify the times and locations of a parameter’s levels across the country in a dataset of millions of static sensor readings.

operational GIS - seguimiento gas

A gas supply chain can monitor its vessels, know arrival information, wait time, and when vessels enter areas of interest.

The result of these analyses can be quickly visualized in dynamic dashboards that are configured to the needs of the specific operation.  These are designed to display multiple visualizations working together on a single screen. They offer a comprehensive view of the status of the operation in a geographic environment and provide key information to make decisions at a glance.

At ATISoft we have extensive experience advising and implementing technological tools so that companies from different sectors are part of Industry 4.0 and make the most of the power of operational intelligence.

We invite you to contact us and schedule a free call, to learn about your needs and analyze which technology best suits your needs. Or if you already have one of the products of the companies in which we are experts / partners (OSIsoft, Alteryx, Microsoft, Esri, Capella Space, GeoMAPEX), we can help you get the most out of your system.


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