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What is Mining 4.0?

Mining 4.0 integrates automation of processes through different technologies that interact with each other, which will bring you numerous advantages that means you will reduce time and costs. We know about this because ATISoft® has participated in different projects in the mining industry in which we have supported by advising and implementing different technological tools. 

Key Benefits

The mining industry constantly suffers from operational cost overruns and continuous start-up delays. These cost overruns can be avoided with the full benefits of operational efficiency.

For example, predictive maintenance has become a key element that helps to reduce a potential high-impact risk 

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What technologies are used in the Mining Industry 4.0?

Just mentioning the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing leaves open the issue of technological tools that can be used in mining to improve operational processes.

Learn about all the benefits that operational intelligence will bring to your company

Technologies applied in the mining industry.

lcono IoT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • Monitor Assets / Monitor real-time humidity, pressure of air compressors during maintenance, etc. 
  • Collects real-time data from sensors, databases and excel files from different departments. 
  • It examines the history of ore concentration by volume mined and generates statistical graphs.
  • Visualizes data obtained from flowmeters to indicate the status of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Receive alerts and notifications of changes in tailings dam monitoring.
lcono Real Time

Operational GIS

  • Real-time location of hydraulic skids, forklifts, etc.
  • Smart maps with indicators (KPIs) by location, raw material stock end, incidents in preparation or packaging, units produced per line.
  • Check availability of raw material: cotton, polyethylene, sugar, if the lathe or packaging machine is in use or stopped.
  • Integrate percentage of total sales inptus, staff attendance and base mapping information to location.
  • Alert when trucks or tractors leave their working route. route.
lcono APA

Analytics Process Automation

  • Boosts the analysis of operational efficiency.
  • Reduce Man Hours and Automate Analytics Processes
  • Manipulate, Transform, format and share results on Open Pit equipment operation times. 
  • Automate reports, analyze and discover insights about mineral production.
  • Extract and compile data from multiple sources of information. 
lcono SAR

Satellite Images (SAR)

  • Generation of high-precision DEMs to derive terrain variations, extraction volumes, and hydrological parameters.
  • Monitoring of areas susceptible to invasion by detecting changes. 
  • Comply with environmental legislation by observing changes in vegetation.
  • Ground movement and displacement monitoring.
  • Longwall structural safety evaluation.
lcono location of Things

Location of things

  • Provide real-time updates on safe zones to manage evacuation processes. 
  • Warn staff when entering restricted or hazardous areas.
  • Track the time workers spend inside specific zones 
  • Empower management with near-instant access to employee location and visibility.
  • Easy integration with access control and environmental sensor alerts.
lcono Connected Worker

Connected Worker

  • Automate data analysis processes
    zero-code operations.
  • Advanced analytics, easy and simple to use.
  • Control, strategy and decision support.
    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence free of
  • Connection to multiple sources of information.

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