Connected Worker

Transform the way you manage the information you collect by hand and transform it into a customized digital format, maintaining clear and instant communication with your entire team. 

What is Connected Worker?

With Connected Worker you can improve field workers performance by automating and standardizing the operational data entry. 



It helps you create a safer working environment and improve efficiency through automation.

Turn your data into mobile data and reduce rework, non-productive time and delays in decision making.

Digitizes maintenance, shutdowns and outages (STO). 

Adapt your company to the new post-Covid normality and develop agility and flexibility in your operations. 

Empower frontline employees with a dynamic connected worker strategy

Provides a clear view so that front-line workers can access information whenever they need it.

Connected Worker

The overall goal of the solution is to digitize the workflow so that all processes can interact in an automated and remote way, eliminating handwritten data, avoiding on-site work and providing instant and secure access to information.  


connected worker supervisión

Completion of forms and applications (operational department) 


It is very common for sales personnel to fill out paper applications, surveys or questionnaires. ATISoft® developed a solution where forms can be filled out digitally, securely and online, sending them directly to a database to be more efficient. 


Avoid personal use on mobile work devices by managing a single dashboard, application or service dedicated 100% to work-related issues. 


It allows you to store information in real time, it will help you to effectively measure KPIs and the sales force or operations will be able to access this information. 


In the industry, this application allows to have connected different activities of specific operational areas that are normally filled by hand transforming them to a digital format in order to have real-time data and make sure it was filled out correctly due to you can configure the conditions of each form. 


ATISoft has extensive experience advising and implementing technological tools for companies in various fields to become part of Industry 4.0, taking full advantage of the power of operational intelligence. 


We invite you to contact us and arrange a free call, to know your needs and analyze which is the technology that best suits you or in case you are already a customer of the companies in which we are experts/partners (AVEVA, Microsoft & Esri), we can help you taking advantage of your system. 

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