Connected Worker

Convert manual paper capture to a personalized digital format, maintaining fluid and instant communication with your entire team.

What is Connected Worker?

With Connected Worker you will be able to improve the performance of field workers, automating and standardizing the capture of operational data.

Increase the efficiency of maintenance, inspection, and operation processes while driving compliance and safety with connected workers.


It helps create a safer work environment, as well as improve efficiency through automation.

Make your data mobile and reduce rework, non-productive time, and decision time.

Digitize maintenance and shutdowns, changeovers, and interruptions (STOs).

Adapt your company to the new normal after Covid 19 and develop agility and flexibility in your operations.

Empower frontline employees with a dynamic connected worker strategy

It provides a consolidated view to link your frontline workers to the information they need, when they need it most.

Connected Worker

The purpose of the solution in general is to be able to digitize the workflow so that the entire operation can interact remotely and automatically without the need to use paper forms, without physical presence and to have the information instantly and securely.


connected worker supervisión

It is very common for the sales force to carry out requests, surveys or questionnaires even on paper. With ATISoft’s® solution, this issue is made more efficient as it allows you to lift the filling of the form digitally, securely, online, sending it directly to a repository.

Prevent corporate mobile devices from being used for personal issues, managing a single dashboard, application or service dedicated 100% to work topics.

It allows information to be stored in real time, which makes the measurement of KPI indicators for the sales force or operations more efficient.

In the Industrial sector, this application allows you to connect the different activities of certain operational areas that are carried out manually and on paper daily and take this to digital form in order to have the data in real time and guarantee that they are filled in the correct way and time, since the conditions of each form can be configured.

At ATISoft we have extensive experience advising and implementing technological tools so that companies from different sectors are part of Industry 4.0 and make the most of the power of operational intelligence.

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