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Energy Efficiency

Uno de los retos principales en la industria energética es lograr optimizar la relación entre la cantidad de energía consumida, los productos y servicios finales obtenidos.

Actualmente esto se puede lograr a través de la implementación de distintas herramientas tecnológicas y una buena estrategia.

One of the main challenges in the energy industry is to optimize the relationship between the amount of energy consumed, the final products and services obtained.

Currently, this can be achieved through the implementation of different technological tools and a good strategy.

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Benefits of Energy Efficiency

In the industry, it is very common for energy to be considered as an operational cost, and it is for this reason that energy savings are perceived as incidental benefits of other investments and not as something that generates value as such. However, the idea of applying strategies focused on obtaining energy efficiency on an industrial scale translates into additional benefits to direct energy savings, such as improved competitiveness, profit margin, production, as well as a reduction in operation and maintenance costs, as well as a greater environmental commitment.

The idea of the multiple benefits of energy efficiency in the industrial realm can help align energy efficiency with the net priorities of each industry, strengthening the business.

At ATISoft® we have the technology and experience of our specialists who can advise you so that your company obtains all these benefits.

Learn about all the benefits that operational efficiency will bring to your company

Technologies applied in the energy industry.

lcono Connected Worker

Connected Worker

  • Manage the day-to-day activities of crude oil, refined products, gas, and petrochemical pipelines to ensure their operations are safe and efficient.
  • Real-time dashboards
  • IoT solutions for the energy industry help organizations cut maintenance and operating expenses by modernizing systems and minimizing human effort.
  • Maximize oil and gas production from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically.
  • Enable team collaboration by assigning process flows based on the conditions scheduled for each role’s tasks.
lcono IoT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • Real-time equipment control and supervision.
  • Preventive maintenance of equipment.
  • Maximize oil and gas production from onshore and offshore wells safely and economically.
  • Reduction of operating times.
  • Monitoring of variations in energy consumption, leaks and pressure changes which can reduce economic losses.
lcono APA

Analytics Process Automation

  • Find patterns and provide decision-making support.
  • Data available more quickly and on a larger scale than would be possible manually.
  • Analyze and make decisions on spatial data.
  • Builds fundamentals for business decision-making.
  • Optimize the ordering, storage, and utilization of spare parts inventory.
lcono location of Things

Location of things

  • Fleet control through RFID access to each vehicle.
  • Management of Subleased Machinery for cost vs. hours of use reconciliation.
lcono SAR

Satellite Images (SAR)

  • Generation of high-precision DEMs to derive terrain variations and hydrological parameters.
  • DChange detection for right-of-way, infrastructure, or construction surveillance.
  • Observation of vegetation changes for environmental legislative compliance.
  • Monitoring of ground movements and displacements in geothermal.
  • Application of object recognition algorithms such as tractors, photovoltaic cells or wind turbines
lcono Real Time

Operational GIS

  • Real-time location of tractors, trucks, machinery, etc.
  • Smart maps with indicators (KPIs) by location: current performance ratio, incidents in transformer station or transport line, angle of incidence of cells.
  • Check the availability of supplies: oils and lubricants or find out if a heat pump is running or shutdown.
  • Integrate daily MW of production, staff attendance, weather, or base map information into the location.
  • Get alerts when vehicles leave their work route.

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