Industrial Internet of Things

Maximize operational efficiency with the power of the Industrial Internet of Things.

What is Industrial Internet of Things?

It is a set of different tools such as sensors and other devices and tools that allow you to connect to an infrastructure so that operational processes can be automated.


  • It allows you to collect data from machinery and/or sensors to analyze different data
  • Allows for evidence of data collection
  • It allows you to create indicators and dashboards with valuable information for each specific area
  • Allows you to create alerts and notifications based on adjusted data and values in case of variants
  • Allows for time series management in machinery and production tools

In general, our Industrial IOT tool allows ATISoft® customers to streamline and automate their operation, obtaining information from different data sources and delivering it in a customized way according to the requirements of each specific area with each client according to their criteria.

This, in turn, allows them to take predictive or corrective actions, achieving cost savings or achieving greater operational productivity on a day-to-day basis.

industrial internet of things


  • Individual decision-making based on information that is evaluated locally
  • Individualized information, stored directly on each object
  • Individual services on demand, for real-time process control, adapted to the circumstances
  • Network of objects connected to the internet


dispositivo de energía solar

In an energy company, sensors can be placed in motors and determine through the information they send, what rules should be created and what criteria should be taken to program alerts and thus be able to carry out predictive and corrective maintenance, know productivity levels for a certain time, leaks, among others.

revisión equipo farmaceutico

In the pharmaceutical industry, it can help to know if a machine still has a production level according to what is expected and to know if it needs to be maintained from time to time and in this way be able to schedule maintenance in advance so as not to affect the production chain.

industria minera

In the Mining industry, it allows you to manage the production levels per machine, know important data of the equipment and tools and machinery, know ventilation levels through the placement of sensors in fans and strators, know the ambient temperature of a particular area and be able to self-regulate through previously automated instructions according to manual criteria.

IIoT is actually applied in different sectors of Industry 4.0

In general, what is done is to collect data from any source in general, or to place sensors that are sending data to a concentrator base and this data in turn can be managed according to the previously programmed criteria and conditions and that alert us when changes arise and notifications are sent for decision-making according to the operational criteria.

At ATISoft we have extensive experience advising and implementing technological tools so that companies from different sectors are part of Industry 4.0 and make the most of the power of operational intelligence.

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