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We generate meaning from operational data in real time; we transform them into substantive information;  we give an operational meaning to the location of things . . .
tooptimize daily activities that generate value and strengthen operational efficiency strategies.


We have the  technology , processes and organizational methodologies to exploit information in real time, optimize processes and work flows within your industry or company . 

ATISoft ® is named OSIsoft PREMIER PARTNER

We proudly want to inform you that we have been accredited as the first  OSIsoft Premier Partner in Mexico

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Reap the benefits of operational efficiency

Significantly improve the way in which daily activities and decision making are carried out in your Organization, use state-of-the-art technology to generate and use operational data intelligently and intensively to make work processes more efficient, profitable and timely. 

ATISoft Solutions®

Industrial Internet of things


Analyze, understand and predict operational behavior, make extensive use of real-time operational data to improve processes, activities and the way decisions are made.

Connected Worker


Improve the performance of field workers by automating and standardizing the capture of operational data.

Location of things


Implement technologies to track the location and movement of tools, parts, people, containers, among others, both indoors and outdoors.

Digital Twins and 3d


Capture real-time information about the physical object, such as its status, operation, performance, and environmental conditions to create a virtual 3D version of the physical object, allowing you to monitor, simulate, and analyze its behavior in a virtual environment.

Operational GIS


Analyze, visualize and make better decisions by integrating your operational data into a digital map. Incorporate your information in real time into geographic dashboards.

Learn about all the benefits that operational intelligence will bring to your company by using technology to improve  internal operations in real time and make strategic decisions.

ATISoft® on Industry

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Take advantage of the benefits of digital technology to be more efficient, operate more safely and support sustainable initiatives in the sector.

Learn more about operational efficiency focused on the mining industry.

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Combine IT and operational technology to improve your organization’s industrial processes, as well as the flow of information that allows you to know the production processes at all times.

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Use the power of real-time operational data to analyze and improve oil and gas production processes. Monitors, generates alerts and visualizes operating conditions that support production, operation and safety activities on operational dashboards.

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Use operational data from the entire plant to have a global vision, detect areas of opportunity, perform maintenance based on operating conditions and manage the operation with reliable data.

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Recopila y consolida datos operativos de activos, medidores y sistemas externos con una precisión que proporcione la visibilidad necesaria para evaluar el rendimiento energético. Analiza los datos para monitorear y mejorar las condiciones operativas y evitar paros no programados, ahora tiempo y dinero con mantenimiento basado en condiciones y/o predictivo.

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Optimiza la producción y mantén la operación segura al utilizar datos operativos provenientes de sensores y dispositivos de captura, controla el proceso de las instrucciones de manufactura en tiempo real para asegurar la producción, mejorar la calidad y cumplir con la normatividad.

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Improve response capacity, failure response and energy efficiency with operation based on operational data. Manage water loss and waste, improve service processes and ensure maintenance by integrating all operational and commercial data. Analyze the data to have operational intelligence and integrate it into a geographic framework that allows you to understand the territorial component.

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Monitors the construction of infrastructure using satellite images with SAR technology, uses technology to integrate all information related to the urbanization process.


Why choose ATISoft ®

Your organization has great potential, there are always areas of opportunity and improvement… imagine what you can achieve if you reduce the digital divide in your operations.

Integrate your experience and knowledge with our technical capabilities to optimize work processes and efficiency. Facilitate and automate daily activities simply by intensively using the cutting-edge technology of our Partners.

 ATISoft ® will always be your advisor and technological partner…

Some of our customers

Get the benefits now by implementing an operational intelligence strategy


At ATISoft ® we work with cutting-edge technology and alongside large companies.

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... Together, we're redefining the capabilities of industrial software. Through Performance Intelligence, we can see worlds of data from ambitious new angles, and inspire a better understanding of complex value chains to promote performance and drive sustainability

Craig Hayman

Managerial AVEVA

... Once we had information in the PI System, we went from ... 20, 30, 40 hours of performance loss per month to eight, so we saw a huge improvement...

Lauren Vahle

Process Optimization Engineer Cargill

.. It is interesting to see how a two-way communication has been achieved in real time and that integrates the entire sales force thanks to E-POS and Azure Pack...

Oliver Keller

Managing Director Alianza Corporativa

We have implemented a complex algorithm, developed with Alteryx, that provides full robustness checking and personal tax advice backed by the basic service, we are now automating the financial and tax advice that our accountants provide and we are providing real-time advice which is a capability that is beyond the reach of traditional accountants...

Brian Milrine

Director estrategias empresariales de Brookson

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