Location of Things

With Indoor and Outdoor location, you get greater control and operational performance.

What is Location of Things?


Location of Things (LoT) is a subcategory of the Internet of Things (IoT), where location is the main component.

The term «Locaion of Things» (LoT) describes technologies and disciplines capable of tracking the location and movement of objects indoors or outdoors. 


Thanks to LoT it is possible to give operational meaning to the term of location, during the object path it is possible to generate data about its position. As a result, work processes can be made more efficient by knowing when and where an asset is located. 


There are countless applications in which knowing the location of a tool, part, motor, person, container, etc. represents a valuable operational utility. 


IoT systems are composed of: Indoor/Outdoor Location Technology, Asset Management, Digital Mapping, Geographic Information Systems, Location Based Network Monitoring. 


Location of things

LoT technology can be applied in large open areas as well as in closed local areas.The former is based on «Outdoor location technology» through global navigation satellite systems, cellular positioning, etc. 


Indoor location, on the other hand, has been using technologies such as RFID(Radio Frequency Identification), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), IEEE (Insitute of Electrical, Electronics Engineers technique) y UWB (Ultra Wide Band)  and PHY (Physical Layer) for indoor asset tracking. 


With indoor location technology it is possible to track objects and people, manage stock-taking, optimize work and various other applications. 


location of things warehouse map

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