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Oil & Gas Operational Efficiency

Today, oil and gas-focused companies need to be more efficient in their operations to be able to withstand fluctuations in the price of oil.

ATISoft® in the Oil & Gas Industry

Having good advice on integration to digitally manage the processes of your operations will result in risk reduction and improved operational efficiency.

Let’s work together integrating the necessary systems so that you can assign the right roles and responsibilities to optimize the productivity of your assets.

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Learn about all the benefits that operational intelligence will bring to your company

Technologies applied in the Oil and Gas industry.

lcono Connected Worker

Connected Worker

  • Convert the recorded inspection on paper to a custom digital format.
  • Assists workers with instructions, forms, machine and equipment operation videos.
  • Automatically issues the daily production report.
  • Maintain seamless, instant communication between areas with comments, chat, or video calls.
  • Log and receive notifications when maintenance is complete.
lcono IoT

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

  • It monitors flow regime, production performance, liquid phase volume and other parameters.
  • Collect real-time data from gas valve sensors, databases, or spreadsheets.
  • Visualize parameters that indicate the action of preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • It examines the history of temperatures, sales by type or consumption of water and generates statistical graphs.
  • Receive alerts and notifications of pressure changes, out-of-stock supplies, and unscheduled failures.
lcono APA

Analytics Process Automation

  • Implement analytics without the need for extensive coding skills.
  • Empower your IT team.
  • Inform business decisions.
  • Increases analytical capacity.
  • Incorporate multiple sources of information and share results.
lcono location of Things

Location of things

  • Fleet control via RFID access to each vehicle.
  • Location monitoring of high-value work tools.
  • Management of subleased machinery to reconcile costs vs hours of use.
lcono SAR

Satellite Images (SAR)

  • Generation of high-precision DEMs to derive terrain variations and hydrological parameters.
  • Change detection for right-of-way, infrastructure or construction surveillance.
  • Follow-up to accidents such as oil spills or flood detection.
  • Monitoring of movements and displacement in production areas.
  • Application of algorithms for the recognition of objects such as ships and other vessels.
lcono Real Time

Operational GIS

  • Real-time location of tractors, trucks, sheds, rocker arms, etc.
  • Smart maps with indicators (KPIs) by location: meters drilled per hour, incidents in extraction or transport and centrifugal volume per line.
  • Check the availability of inputs: chemicals for acid stabilization or if the blast pots are available for maintenance.
  • Integrate liquefiables recovered in the cryogenic process, staff assistance, weather, or base mapping information into the location.
  • Get alerts when trucks or tractors leave their work route.

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