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The term Geographic Information Systems refers to projects that include geographical data, analysis procedures and computer systems.

In a more restrictive sense, it is used to desig for computer programs that integrate various disciplines and geospatial geospatial data management techniques. For listing some are:

  • -General systems theory.
  • -Cartographic modeling.
  • -Spatial analysis.
  • -Carcartography.
  • -Geocomputation.
  • -Geodesia.
  • Quantitative and qualitative modeling.
  • -In real-time information.

ATISoft®, it analyzes the geographic information of different sources and diverse disciplines to design the integration of a Geographic Information System adapted to the specific needs of each organization. Our experience with referenced geographic data includes:

  • -Recollect.
  • -Store.
  • -Integrat.
  • -Modeling.
  • -Analyze.
  • -Recover.
  • -Transform.
  • -Expand.

Application examples cover areas such as geography, economics, urban planning, territorial planning.

Location of Things - ATISoft - LoT Ciudad

Optimize your Geographic Information analysis processes.

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