GeoMAPEX® Portal
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Know the location of assets.
Simplify processes of distribution network analysis,
through interactive online maps.


Whit GeoMAPEX® Portal you can georeference the assets of your organization through SIG tools. The benefits of this geoportal translates into:

  • -Inline interactive map.
  • -Know the location of assets.
  • -Simplify distribution network analysis processes.
  • -Prevent, predict and analyze activities with the spatial component.
  • -Make smart and timely decisions.
    Contact us! Get the unlimited and simplified potential of this tool.

Contact us! Get the unlimited and simplified potential of this tool.

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GeoMAPEX® Solutions

GeoMAPEX - ATISoft - Banner


GeoMAPEX® is a platform that allows the configuration of applications for Industrial Internet & Location of Things that align work processes and activities to the generation of value and efficiency in operational processes.


Sistemas de Información Geográfico - ATISoft

Geographic information systems

We accelerate the adoption of the location within the activities of analysis, consultation, exploitation and compliance of operational geographic data.

Location of Things - ATISoft (LoT)


Geo-Data infrastructure and real-time operational location for the alignment of work processes and operational efficiency using RFID and GPS systems.

GeoMAPEX -IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things


GeoMAPEX® IIoT is a comprehensive platform for operational data management. It has robust tools to store large volumes of technical data, generate alerts, notifications and reports based on operating conditions.

GeoMAPEX Site Monitoring - GIS

GeoMAPEX® Site Monitoring

GeoMAPEX® Site Monitoring is an integral technological platform to perform territory monitoring, identify changes, perform vegetation, soil and human activities analysis.

Egauge - ATISoft

eGauge – Energy Efficiency

The eGauge system is a technology focused on maximizing the energy efficiency of supply systems.

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