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Con GeoMAPEX ®LoT you can locate assets Indoor,
Outdoor, establish distribution routes and more.
Know all the benefits you get with GeoMAPEX ®.


Our GeoMAPEX® LoT system manages the geolocation in real time that allows:

Locate Indoor assets. | Outdoor geolocation. | Establish distribution routes. | Create safety networks. | Increase operational efficiency. | Among other benefits.

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Outdoor Location


Indoor Location

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GeoMAPEX® Solutions

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The technological capacity of the Internet of Things (IoT), Workflow, Localization of Things, Bussiness Intelligence integrated and adapted to your needs.

GeoMAPEX Portal

GeoMAPEX® Portal

With GeoMAPEX ® Portal you can georeference the assets of your organization through GIS tools.

Location of Things - LoT - ATISoft

Location of Things

With Indoor and Outdoor LoT you get more control and better operational performance.

GeoMAPEX -IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things


GoeMAPEX® IIoT Allows you to manage the industrial internet of things through a single platform, at any time and anywhere.

GeoMAPEX Site Monitoring - GIS

GeoMAPEX® Site Monitoring

GeoMAPEX ® Site Monitoring simplifies processes to obtain detailed information of the territory.

Egauge - ATISoft

eGauge – Energy Efficiency

The eGauge system is a technology focused on maximizing the energy efficiency of supply systems.

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