GeoMAPEX® Contact Tracing
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Identification and tracing of contact between two or more Bluetooth devices
within a radius of 2 meters.

Know who and where they were nearby, record all this information
to ensure a safe work environment

GeoMAPEX® Contact Tracing

GeoMAPEX® Contact Tracing is an IPS (Indoor Positioning System) platform that detects and locates BLE (TAGs BLE) and Bluetooth mobile devices that allows to identify interaction/contact between devices within a radius of 2m. This powerful capability creates a historical record of all contact made within the facility, identifying who when and where it occurred.

Enable your Organization with a powerful technology platform that will allow you locate assets via TAG BLE/Mobile App (people, tools, raw materials, etc.) and record those who had any interaction/contact.

Indoor Asset Tracking with Social Distancing & Contact Tracing using Bluetooth technology

Thanks to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology it is possible to track items easily and for a long time, thanks to the low power and long-lasting signal.

With GeoMAPEX LoT Contact Tracing you will be able to know:

  • Who, when and where was a TAG BLE/App
  • Have alerts and notifications when an asset is located outside the assigned area
  • Integrate location into operational processes to make them more robust.
  • Know who’s been close
  • Identify with whom a person had interaction/contact over a certain period of time.
  • Identify contact relationships in sensitive areas such as elevators, doors, toilets, common areas, etc.

Three Location Accuracy-Based Options

Ambient – Identification of BLE/WiFi signals inside the facility

Proximity – Location by proximity to fixed BLE devices in predetermined areas

Precision – Location x,y using a mesh of BLE devices

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