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GeoMAPEX ® is a platform that allows the configuration of applications for Industrial Internet & amp; Location of Things that align work processes and activities to the generation of value and efficiency in operational processes.

GeoMAPEX ® integrates technological components of GIS , IIoT, BI as well as Geographical Content for monitoring the territory for process management, location of things and time series management.

The result is the development of dynamic applications, in web or mobile format, aligned to the value chain that generate substantive information, automate work processes and facilitate collaboration between areas.

ATISoft ® has developed specific products and applications in GeoMAPEX ® that are available to be applied in your organization!

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Geomapex - Gestión en tiempo real - ATISoft

GeoMAPEX® Solutions

GeoMAPEX -IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things


GeoMAPEX® IIoT is an integral platform for operational data management, using PI System® and / or Azure IoT components to facilitate the use, analysis and visualization of information relevant to the operation.

GeoMAPEX Site Monitoring - GIS

GeoMAPEX® Site Monitoring

GeoMAPEX® Site Monitoring es una plataforma tecnológica que integra herramientas de GIS y IoT con el acervo de imágenes satelitales de frecuencia diaria de Planet Labs.

Egauge - ATISoft

eGauge – Energy Efficiency

The eGauge system is a technology focused on maximizing the energy efficiency of supply systems.

GeoMAPEX Portal

GeoMAPEX® Portal

GeoMAPEX® Portal is an online geographic system that facilitates the implementation of Geo-Workflows aligned to activities and work processes.

Location of Things - ATISoft (LoT)


Geo-Data infrastructure and real-time operational location for the alignment of work processes and operational efficiency using RFID and GPS systems.

ATISoft® Route

Agile schema and methodologies aligned to our ISO 29110 certification to implement projects with tangible results in the short term.

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