eGauge - Energy efficiency
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Maximizes the energy efficiency of supply systems.

The system eGauge is a technology focused on maximizing the energy efficiency of supply systems. Each unit eGauge combines an energy meter, a data logger and a web server.

eGauge - Eficiencia energética - ATISoft

This powerful combination allows you to measure, store and retrieve data directly from the device or from a remote location. With this new information on energy, you can be sure that you are not wasting energy or paying more than necessary. Your benefits are transferred to:

-Save money

-Reporting historical

-Real time data

-Identify ghost loads

– Friendly user interface

-Export of spreadsheet

-Options of energy meter

-Initiate an energy budget

-Compatibility with other protocols

-Energy meter to monitor electronics

-Monitoring of critical loads (for example, sump pumps)

-Interface user interface to monitor energy in real time

Add LED lights or a new high efficiency mini division to your facilities? Record exactly how many kilowatts save these updates and get the confidence to continue making improvements that reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

Ahorro de energía electrica - Eficiencia energética - ATISoft

Saving energy is everybody’s responsability | Energy efficiency

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