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to optimize processes and workflows
Ask about our services Applications to automate tasks and activities that facilitate their execution
in an environment that allows the management and analysis of substantive
information for efficient decision making.
Somos una empresa certificada en ISO 29110 para Ingeniería de Software. No. CPS-0024-29110-4-1

The automation of processes, tasks and activities is a fundamental part of any digital transformation initiative. Having reliable platforms that ensure operational continuity is a priority for any organization.

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Desarrollo de Software para optimizar procesos - ATISoft

Stable and reliable applications, aligned to work processes, personalized and focused on the efficiency strategies of each organization. They also comply with:

  • – Be developed and implemented agilely
  • -Apply UX / UI for friendly interface
  • -Integrate substantive technologies
  • -Use leading platforms </li >
  • -To have system stability
  • -To have information security
  • -Function in any device
  • -Allow access at all times
The software products of ATISoft ® fulfill these characteristics. In addition, services can focus on:

Processe’s Optimization

Our “fit-for-purpose software” developments focus on understanding the operation, optimizing activities and summarizing the end-user experience. As a result, tailor-made and scalable modular software products are created that feed the needs of the organization’s area.

software - Azure - ATISoft - Optimización de Procesos

System integration

We use existing technology minimizing the generation of proprietary applications and interfaces and favoring the integrity of systems. The management includes: planning, definition of requirements, design of technological architecture, testing and deployment. The technologies are then used with agility and effectiveness.

Software ATISoft - Integración de Sistemas

Mobile apps

We plan, design and develop multiplatform mobile applications with strategies focus at the objectives and requirements of each organization.

software - Aplicaciones Móviles - ATISoft

Support and maintenance

We provide assistance during the use of our products and services. In addition, with the maintenance we ensure its validity.

software - Azure - ATISoft - Soporte y Mantenimiento

Decision Support Boards

We create data analysis platforms that facilitate decision making since with them it is possible to: View substantive information, identify trends, generate efficiency indicators, get detailed reports , save time, deploy all systems instantaneously, propose strategies and goals.

software - Azure - ATISoft - Tableros de Soporte a Decisiones

We are a company certified in ISO 29110 for Software Engineering.

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Analyze, understand and predict operational behavior, make extensive use of operational data to improve processes, activities and the way decisions are made.

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