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High resolution radar images
of any place on Earth.

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CAPELLA SPACE is the first company to launch a constellation of small satellites with radar technology. The company provides the most frequent, timely and high-quality SAR imaging products available on the market today. Accessible through an intuitive web platform.

The technology is developed by scientists from Stanford University and NASA.


Classification and tracking of ships, identification of illegal boats

Measurement of structural integrity of dams, bridges, buildings and railways.

Change detection in strategic areas of interest, detection of vehicles, aircraft and ships.

Verification of damage from natural or anthropogenic disasters.

Oil spill identification, digital elevation model and safety monitoring.

Support to rescue and relief operations.

Some benefits of monitoring with Capella images



Data acquisition at any time and weather.



Short revisit periods.



High resolution.



Fast delivery via web.

Do you need more information about our solutions?

What is SAR?

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) uses the electromagnetic energy of microwaves to interact with and form an image of the Earth’s surface.

The term synthetic aperture refers to the virtual increase in the antenna aperture by means of sweeps or “looks”, which allows obtaining images of higher spatial resolution.

Capella SAR Image Specifications

Technology SAR, Synthetic Aperture Radar
Band Frequency Band X (9.4 – 9.9 GHz)
Transmission power 600 Watt
Polarizations Simple-HH, Simple-VV
Bandwidth Untill 500 MHz
Acquisition address Left and right side
Picture modes Spoting Spotlight, Sliding Spotlight, Stripmap
Higher spatial resolution 0.5 m
Higher Azimuth resolution 0.5 m
“looks” Number 1-1-10 for breadth of geocoded products
Angle of incidence  
RNIIRS 5.5 on the United States of America RNIIRS Radar Image Interpretation Rating Scale.
Revisit time 6 hours in 2020-2021 will grow progressively until reaching less than 1 hour in 2023

A product suitable for you

Capella have a wide range of angles of incidence that can be configured in such a way that the specific products for each application are obtained. The three image modes are: SPOT, SITE, STRIP.

Self-service platform, fast, secure and confidential

With this ATISoft – Capella alliance, it is easier for users to send task requests and find relevant SAR data for their projects, this self-service process takes only a few minutes. This platform allows clear visibility of the status of your task requests and alerts the user when the task request has been completed and the SAR data is available for download.

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