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We help you access to your information at any time and from any platform.
Uses the service in the cloud and maximizes the computational capacity.

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Azure, it’s the Microsoft®Cloud. The term is a metaphor used to refer to services used from a remote place through the Internet. Technically, it describes a global network of connected servers to function as an ecosystem, each with its own function. The servers are designed to store, open and use data, run applications or deliver content or services that are not on the end user’s device.

ATISoft® in agreement with Microsoft® creates, manages and implements applications using this network of servers. Our products allow you then:

  • -Access from anywhere and with several devices.
  • -Use only one site, you do not need to install many programs.
  • -Saving software and hardware.
  • -Saving in technical maintenance.
  • -Scalability, can grow to more demanding needs.
  • -To have Microsoft®data security (superior to PC).
Azure - ATISoft - Servicios en la nube
Servicios en la nube - ATISoft

Some element’s examples  that make use of cloud services could be:

  • -Storage of operational data
  • -Analysis in real time
  • -Access to Music, Movies, Photos or Games
  • -Processors of words
  • -Social networks
  • -Email

In addition to many other services that you can access regardless of the computer or device you are using.

In all these and other cases, messages, photos, videos, documents, databases, texts, among others, are stored.

Do you need more information about our solutions in the cloud?

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