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Learn how we implement our solutions, we have a methodology that work as an implementation route to ensure the quality of ATISoft services®

We use metodologies ISO 29110 to integrate solutions that lead to tangible results in sort term.


We are technical specialist in implementation of technology. We know the caracteristics and tools of products that we manage to align them whit operational efficiency strategies. Whit this, we manage to optimize processes and workflows. In addition, we work also like a part of your team, understanding your changes and objetives to solve them whit state of the art technology.


Our Industrial Internet & Location of Things products and services are tailored to your operational requirements, technologically support complex operational efficiency initiatives and adapt to work environments. Our methodology and implementation of ATISoft Route technology complies with the standards of the international standard ISO 29110 on guides and lifecycle profiles of systems and software. We also use the Mexican software process model MoProSoft to maximize your investment. The stages are included:


In this stage we design the architecture of your project. The scope is defined, schedule, budget and capabilities needed to turn ideas into reality. Our active advice and guidance provide an external perspective on existing workflows and bring new skills and knowledge to your organization.


We diagnose and make recommendations to improve processes already implemented or established projects. During this stage we analyze the requirements of the project with the proposed solutions to verify that all the needs raised are covered.


We provide “hands-on” help for the implementation of project technology. The execution includes: construction, installation, configuration, integration and testing of the project. In addition, this stage can be limited to consulting, transfer of knowledge or execution with specialized technicians. Our specialists work with your team to obtain the maximum benefit of your investment in the platform.


The project delivery is done as a turnkey solution, which means you are ready for use . In addition, we help you spread the new benefits that your work provides at the end of the project.

Implementación de Soluciones


Our services may include the complete workflow or a specific process such as:

  • Review of the solution design
    : In this we evaluate if the architecture of a project covers the needs of the organization and we make recommendations on how to optimize the use of the platform.

  • Review of the health of an already established project
    If you want to be sure that your solution is working in the most appropriate and effective way, we will provide an expert in the matter to conduct a review and identify applicable best practices.

  • Prototype delivery
    : We design the project architecture, demonstrated and based on your specific requirements.


The specialized services of ATISoft® They are your trusted advisor. We offer you a guide, we offer you advice so that you acquire the licenses or supplies of our partners and we align our services to the objectives of your Organization.

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