ATISoft in the global program of value added distributors of OSIsoft

OSIsoft LLC, Introduced the value-added distributor program (VAR) to accelerate the development of solutions for digital transformation and the Industrial Internet of Things

“For ATIsoft, the VAR program represents a new way for generating solutions specially designed for our customers, now under a subscription model. This program gave us the opportunity and the tools to approach the market in a new and innovative way ‘, sayd Alfonso Dávila,
executive director of ATIsoft, a VAR team.

The VAR program is an extension of OSIsoft Partner EcoSphere, OSIsoft’s Marketplace for solutions, technologies and services that take advantage of the power of PI System. More than 200 partners, from hardware manufacturers within the Fortune 500 magazine to start-ups, participate in EcoSphere with advanced analysis offerings to strategies for the deployment of IIoT.

– ATISoft, a systems integrator in Mexico City with a specialty in GIS and business process optimization. The ATISoft GeoMAPEX cloud-based service collects RFID data from equipment, tools and workers, and provides location-based visualizations.

To know more about the accreditation of ATISoft as an OSISoft Distributor, we invite you to visit the official website:

“ATISoft is a system integrator and solution provider for Industrial Internet & Location of Things with a specialized technical team to support organizations in the integration of operational systems (OT) and in real time with location-based solutions to support the operation and compliance of strategies, management of operational data and support for decision making using actionable information. We have experience in IIoT, Indoor/Outdoor Location/GIS, BI and business process optimization. We work in multiple industries supporting real-time data management, asset monitoring, and tracking, predictive maintenance and software product development with mobile, operational and decision support applications using ArcGIS, PI System, Azure IoT Suite, Planet Labs Here Open Location Platform and custom software products that interact with daily operational activities.”